When searching for a bird we encountered many scammers and became discouraged. Then we found Birds lovers farm and all her positive reviews. We did business with her and now have a beautiful Amazon Grey. FANTASTIC seller. Very honest and now we have a great bird.”  Christy M

The bird we bought from Birds Lovers is beautiful, healthy, and sweet; clear that it was well-cared for and socialized. The store is clean and bright; all birds looked happy and healthy. Ana and her assistant are friendly and knowledgeable. Highly Recommended.Venessa Hills 

I contacted Birds lover farm  some months ago . I was contacted back immediately. Very courteous and extremely helpful in finding the right bird for my family. We will be returning to Birds lover farm for another bird in the future. Highly recommended.Sheba Kings Australia 

Thanks so much Birds Lovers Farm , because of you i believe there is still some love existing on planet Earth . My son was so happy i thank you guys again , thee love you showed his Pet he never stopped talking about his experience at your farm . Mrs Michelle  

“I left Kenya to visit Birds Lover farm , I was astonished by the care given to their pets, I learned so much about birds. Still waiting for the crossbreed ” Merelyn Lyn 

“African Grey Congo baby from Ana is the sweetest girl ever. Very social and loves to snuggle. Ana and her partner raise the babies with much care and attention. Love them and love my new baby grey! ” Alann Brice 


Tracey, Mal & Jett

We are now the proud owners of a male Eclectus baby we call “Archer” It took a couple of weeks for our new little family member to accept us and feel at home, Georgina was right there with us every step of the way offering help, support & advice to make Archer’s transtion into his […]


Jess Matharoo

Last year around the same time of year, me and my wife were looking to bring a pet home. So we get to the conclusion to bring a feather buddy as we both loves the parrots. We both done some research and found Hand Raised Parrots from their website. After talking to Georgina we found […]



I recently purchased a beautiful hand raised Sun Conure from Brian and Georgina at Hand Raised Parrots. I not only received a wonderful, friendly and clever pet, but also ample information and support to assist with this important purchase. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a healthy and genuinely hand raised […]



My partner and I recently bought a Sun Conure from Georgina and Brian. Penny has a great personality and no doubt that is because of how she was raised. Definitely recommend Hand Raised Parrots.



Hi me an my partner recently purchased a beautiful blue an gold Macaw Rio off Georgina from Hand Raised Parrots Australia an we cannot be any more happier with what we received,right from the start Georgina kept in contact with us on Rio’s progress with pics an messages an answered any questions we had,through Rio […]


Mitch and Enzo

Enzo was purchased from Hand Raised Parrots and honestly I could not be happier with him, after a little adjusting he settled in well and is now a sweet and kind natured bird with a big personality and confidence to match. He loves flying around like a jet plane in the house and lives for […]



As a first time parrot owner, I was very hesitant with the purchase of my parrot. However, Hand Raised Parrots helped me select the right parrot that would suit me and my husband’s lifestyle and provided us with all the information we needed. We purchased our beautiful Paulie in October 2016 and have absolutely no […]


Kristina And Opal

I recently bought a hand raised Indian ringneck from Brian and Georgina, and I could not be happier! Opal is such a lovely little parrot, very affectionate and friendly, and it’s all thanks to the hard work these guys have put in from day one! I highly recommend Hand Raised Parrots and I know where […]



We purchased our Eclectus parrot ‘Jewel’ for our sons 11th birthday. She is our first bird and we couldn’t have asked for a better best friend for our whole family. She came to us already so friendly and happy to sit out with our crazy family of 6 kids, 4 dogs and 2 cats. She […]


Naomi Damore

We welcomed a beautiful Indian Ringneck into our family from Hand raised parrots Australia. Archie is absolutely gorgeous and we love him so much. He’s such a friendly little guy due to all the love and care he received at Hand raised parrots Australia before he met us. Can’t thank Georgina and her family enough […]



My partner and I recently purchased our baby Jewel, a Blue and Gold Macaw. At 2 weeks old we got our 1st photos, extremely exciting. From then on we had regular updates on our baby macaw. We also got a meet and greet once she was 3/4 feathered, that was Amazing. Finally getting to cuddle […]


Here’s a message from Debbie who purchased a quaker and conure for her daughter Tuscany…

Georgina and hand raised parrots raise the most beautiful looking birds, but most importantly they are hand raised which allows for the true connection of having a bird as a pet. They come with birth information tagged and Georgina is always at hand for help and to answer any questions. I would highly recommend anyone […]


Email from Monique who purchased a hand raised eclectus parrot…

I was lucky enough to have been given my first Eclectus parrot, Ruby, off my partner from Georgina at hand raised parrots. I got Ruby around November 2015 and I have to say there hasn’t been a moment I regret my purchase. Georgina hand raised Ruby and did a fantastic job. She has been the […]


Message from Olga who purchased a Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure…

Hi Guys, If you are looking to buy a top quality, healthy hand raised easy to handle affectionate bird, then I strongly recommend you contact Georgina at Hand Raised Parrots. She is very helpful, full of knowledge and goes out of her way to help you. Her birds are raised in a loving, very clean […]


Here’s a message from Natalie who purchased 2 eclectus parrots…

My Father and I have recently purchased a baby pair of Eclectus Parrots from Georgina at hand raised parrots. They are two beautiful and healthy hand-reared birds. We found her to be a professional and knowledgeable breeder, willing to provide comprehensive information and answer any questions you may have. We highly recommend her and look […]



We were lucky enough to have come across Georgina 2 xmas ago. My 6 year old daughter wanted a pet bird. Santa delivered “Feathers” our green cheek conure xmas day. She is the most beautiful bird. She is soft natured, never bitten and loved by everybody. She even spent a term at my daughters school […]


Arnold Tan (Dr) & Clever “Moses” Melbourne, Australia

Here is a testimonial from Arnold “I got my Quaker Parrot, Moses, from Georgina at hand raised parrots in December 2015. When I spoke to her on the phone for the first time, I immediately felt her strong sense of responsibilty as a breeder. She told me my Baby Quaker can only leave her when […]


Judy. Cranbourne, Melbourne

Hi my name is Judy and we have purchased 3 hand reared birds from Georgina 2 pineapple conure parrots and 1 quaker parrot. From the moment we purchase them Georgina kept us up to date with regular photos and txt messages. The birds are extremely friendly and have obviously been around children and animals and […]


Here is a message from Nicole who purchased a female eclectus that she named ‘Chilli’…

My experience with buying my Eclectus Parrot from Hand Raised Parrots has been great. Having never owned a parrot before, Georgina at Hand Raised Parrots has made everything I need to know a smooth transition. She has continued to be supportive even after I have got my little one home. I bought a female, she […]


Dave, Victoria

From the moment we received Elfie our hand raised conure it was obvious that Georgina had done a great job of hand raising him. He is extremely friendly and loves getting involved in anything we do. Having had 5 other birds, he is definitely the most fun and the most loving. We love Elfie and […]



I purchased a Green Cheek Conure from Georgina in December 2014, and to begin with it was difficult to choose just one of the friendly baby birds! I ended up going home with a healthy little girl that I named Medli, and as I was still relatively new to bird keeping at that point Georgina […]



Hello Georgina My name is Leonie, I purchased two green cheeked conures from you. I would like to thank you very much. You didn’t just sell the birds, you explained many different things from feeding, training and some of their habits. Also you gave me some reading material to take with me. It was a […]


Peta, Victoria

Ruby rose <3 Ruby came home with me in november 2015, she is my first companion bird so i was both excited and nervous, Georgina made sure i had the right cage requirements and also supplied me with vetafarm pellets before sending us on our way.Ruby lives in an open top cage in the lounge […]READ MORE Emma, VictoriaWe brought squeak our yellow sided green cheek conure as a friend for pippy they never leave each others side and they get up to a lot of mischief together. Flying around the house pinching food off our dinner plates.Thank you so much Hand Raised Parrots for introducing her to our home.Here is an email from Denise.I brought a beautiful eckie from Georgina at hand raised parrots. I just can not recommend her enough Her love you will feel within all her birds I called my baby girl Bella she fitted into our home from day one She falls asleep on me and we have play time then cuddles i just […]READ MORE[/et_pb_toggle][et_pb_toggle title="2017" open_toggle_text_color="#ffffff" open_toggle_background_color="#ffffff" closed_toggle_background_color="#0c71c3" _builder_version="4.0.6" title_text_color="#ffffff" title_font="Oleo Script|700|||||||" title_text_align="left" title_font_size="24px" body_text_align="center" body_font_size="16px" width="70%" module_alignment="center" border_radii="on|29px|29px|29px|29px"]

Kim and Maddie

We were looking for a new pet bird for a while but couldn’t find what we were after, until we found Georgina and hand raised parrots. We were welcomed into her house where we were greeted with a choice of beautiful conures, We chose a beautiful baby green cheek. We called him Rio, he is

Message from Brooke who purchased a hand raised male eclectus that she named ‘Charly’

“Georgina at hand raised parrots was Absolutely fantastic to deal with, answered all questions and made me feel really confident in buying from her, even after taking Charly home she was still happy to help out with any questions I had, highly recommend”

Here is Keith who purchased a Hand Raised Quaker for his dad…

Hi Georgina Gustavo is a wonderful addition to the family and has filled the hole left by my father’s previous bird. He is constantly up to mischief and is trying to talk but is saying words too fast so it doesn’t make sense but you can hear him trying… He is the most well […]


Tonya Franklin DiNofrio – Linwood, NJ


“I got a Female Sun Conure from Joe and she is wonderful. She is super sweet and kind. I named her Ginger! Ginger gives both me and my mom lots of kisses and never wants to stop. She was tame and interested as soon as I picked her up at the airport. It took a few days for her to warm up to me, but that is understandable 🙂 Joe was great and very helpful. I asked him A LOT of questions and Joe always responded quickly and in detail. He also knows what he is talking about and gave helpful advice for me as a first time bird owner. Also, Ginger is in great health. She eats and drinks and loves her fruits and veggies. Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots did a great job raising the bird I now have. The next bird I get will be from them!!!!

Thank you Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots!!

~ Anna-Marie”

Valeria Araujo – Denver, CO


“I got my adorable pineapple green cheek conure from Joe and she is the absolute sweetest! Joe was great about replying to my emails promptly, and made sure that my baby arrived to my nearest airport safe and sound. She is healthy and doing very well, and it’s so awesome that Joe appreciates all the little updates on how she’s doing. Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots is the best!”

Wanda L Ortiz – Albuquerque, NM


“I would highly recommend purchasing your new feathered baby from Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots. Joe is very good at answering any question you might have in a timely manner. He is there for you if you have any questions about owning a bird, to the moment you decide to purchase, and he even answers questions you might still have after you’ve received your bird. Rico, my Sun Conure, had arrived in a new crate prepared perfectly for the journey from Austin to Albuquerque. He was healthy and it was obvious he had been hand raised. Rico was very friendly and playful from the moment I took him out of his crate. Have no doubt that you will receive everything that was promised on their website.”

Debbie Lynn Collier – Texas


“A ‘5 Star’ rating is a such an understatement for Joe, and Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots…. I’m so impressed with their knowledge, business ethics, and their undeniable love for the birds. You can’t go wrong with Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots.”

Danielle Nicol Bartlett – Memphis, TN


“Buying a bird from Joe has been a fantastic experience. The health and safety of the birds is his number 1 priority. Our sun conure arrived in clean/comfortable crate with plenty of food and treats for the trip. Joe has been responsive to all of our many questions (this is our first bird) since “Frito” arrived. I cannot say enough positive things about Joe, 5 stars all around.”

Chloe Aiani – Denver, CO


“Joe Coman was wonderful to work with. He was prompt, diligent, and thorough in answering all of the questions I asked over the months of our contact, which began back in September. Communicating around reserving a baby was easy and straightforward, and my baby girl (a Camelot macaw) was delivered safe, sound, and beautifully socialized this April.

It’s clear to me that Joe cares deeply about the babies he raises and that sending them to educated and committed owners is a priority for him. His continued interest in my baby’s physical and emotional well-being after her delivery shows a sincere love for these beautiful, special creatures. I couldn’t be happier with the experience.”

Michelle Rose – Columbus, OH


“Just wanted to stop by an express my gratitude for Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots for giving us the opportunity to bring a new feathered member to our family. I did extensive research and could not be more happy with our experience. Once we picked out our bird, I got in contact with Joe and discussed our options. Being out of state, I was extremely concerned/nervous for our investment and health of the bird as we would never see the bird in person before we purchased or even the facility. Joe was very reassuring, provided weekly and bi-weekly updates and videos as well as information on what we needed to do to be prepared. Joe always answered my questions quickly. When it came time for my bird to ship, Joe continued with great communication, even late in the evening. My baby arrived healthy, happy and extremely well socialized. His commitment to raising quality, healthy, pets definitely shows. I would highly recommend Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots. Maybe someday will have the pleasure of doing business again! Thanks Joe!”

Jess Loren


“We love our new baby Sun Conure. She is the cutest sweetest little thing ever! We decided to name her Maya (we already have a Pineapple Conure named Mango). I would definitely recommend Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots if you are wanting a super sweet baby bird. We are very happy with our “little cutie head” (what my kids call her haha). Cute cute cutie head! Thank you for raising such sweet healthy bird babies.”

Gilda-Lee Hitchcock Standish – Albany, NY


“WOW is the word I would describe dealing with Joe and the team at Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots! I purchased an African grey Congo earlier this year and I can state the entire process from my first contact through the shipment of my baby was amazing! Joe actually cares & responded to each one of my inquiries before and after I received my baby. Gizmo is so SWEET which I can attest is due to the attention Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots gives to EACH of their babies! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them & should I ever decide to bring another bird into my home, Joe would be the first person I call! Thank you #jcaviary!”

Shaheena Lofthus- Hutto, TX


” I would definitely get more birds from Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots. I had terrible experiences in the past where I’d get pets from the pet store or other breeders and the babies would be very sick.

So when I opted in working with Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots to take home a baby, I was very paranoid about the process and often bombarded Joe with questions. I’m so glad that he was patient and took excellent care of the birds. The baby I took home was completely healthy and socialized, and already knew the step up command.

My little Sun Conure is now my little best friend, and me and her are inseparable. I am so pleased with the cooperation Joe had with me and how consistent he was with updating not just me, but everyone on the birds he was caring for on social media.

When I took my little girl, Niji, to the vet myself, the vet praised the care she had when she was with Joe. I think this speaks volumes on the care and passion Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots has for birds and finding them good forever homes.

When I plan to get a new member of the flock for Niji, I know I can rely on Joe and his service again. This time, with less suspicion and full trust.

Thank you!.”

Sena Blickenstaff- Spokane, WA

2010 - 2016


“We just received our baby girl, African Grey from Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots. It is very apparent that she has been extremely well hand raised and socialized. She is transitioning in to her new home with us very nicely.”

Stephanie S. Michaud – Minnesota


“QUALITY breeders. They take time to socialize all babies well to be good human companions. We’re thrilled with our guy!”

Alicia Josephine – San Antonio, TX


“My sweet beauty (male Indian ringneck) came from Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots; he hatched in February 2016. He began talking clearly around 11 months and now says over 50 words and phrases beautifully. He is an absolute sweetie pie and is almost always by my side. I love him so; he is my joy .”

Greg Rowe – Las Vegas, NV


“Decided to purchase a baby sun conure and found Joe and Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots. From our first phone call to our texting back and forth on the purchase – Joe was very responsive and we could tell he is an expert and very caring aviary. Our baby sun conure now named Cleo arrived with perfection.

Joe send us the flight (from Texas to Nevada) itinerary and all the tracking details. The wooden crate in which Cleo arrived was sturdy and strong and adorable at the same time and even had windows in it. It was padded for Cleo and had two area with food as well. Joe even took the time to include packages of food and fresh fruit for Cleo’s journey. He also included a wonderful packet with the birth and health certificate, along with instructions and helpful tips in taking care of our conure. The whole experience was terrific and would call Joe again in a heartbeat if we decide to purchase any additional birds. Cleo is now a happy, sweet and very affectionate and well adjusted bird — thank you Joe!”

Sam Wine – Rhode Island


“I just got my White Belly Caique on Saturday. I call him Yugi. Joe did a excellent job raising him. Yugi already knows the commands up and down and he a very friendly and quite bird until it want to go bed then I just cover him up and he quites right down. Thank you for taking such good care of Yugi.”

Andrew Bieniewski – Long Beach, CA


“We have a Slender Bill Cockatoo and a Rose Breasted Cockatoo from Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots. They are the sweetest birds. You can really tell they were raised with love. They are well adjusted and very sociable. Joe always responds to questions right away and really cares about their well being.

If we decide to add another bird to our flock it will definitely be from Joe. He also provides documentation showing the birds have have been to the vet and received a clean bill of health which is very reassuring especially if you have other birds at home. If you are looking for a pet bird this is definitely the place to go.”

Kristopher Kassner – Taylor, TX


“They have the best babies. My wife and I both got babies from Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots and they are the most precious and kind birds. I got a Catalina macaw and my wife got a white bellied caique. They are sweet, loving and social birds that want nothing more than to cuddle us to death. We would highly recommend anyone to Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots to anyone looking for an addition to their family.”

Diane Guba – Cedar Lake, IN


“Just got my white bellied caique this past week. She is such a sweetheart. Already cuddling and adjusting to her new home. She makes the cutest noises especially when I first get home. Was a little worried about having her shipped, but Joe made all the arrangements and she arrived fine. Would not hesitate to get another bird from Joe.”

Robert Wall – New Orleans, LA


“I just received my baby Black headed Caique and she is a sweetheart and very well socialized! I was apprehensive about purchasing out of state and having a baby bird flown in but Joe the owner made sure everything went smoothly and hassle free. Joe supplied everything I needed to know about the baby and was helpful in answering any questions I had. Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots is a top notch breeder and I am very happy I found them. I would definitely purchase from them again.. Thank you Joe!”

Ali Wise – Austin, TX


“I could not have asked for a better experience in working with Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots. Joe was so helpful throughout the entire process. He sent me regular photos and updates on my baby bird and he was knowledgeable and responsive any time I had a question. My Bella is so social and well-adjusted as a result from Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots’s excellent care.”

Jennifer Forbes Reno – Austin, TX


“I have a 2 yo Congo African Grey and a Nanday Conure both purchased from Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots and my experience was wonderful. Both birds are very friendly, healthy birds. There was always great communication when I asked many questions before buying. I highly recommend Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots and plan on adding another bird from them.”

Sandra E. – Round Rock, TX


“This was our first time purchasing and owning a Cockatoo. We did lots of research ahead of time and went to visit Joe at Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots to check things out. Joe is really passionate about his birds. He is knowledgeable, caring and concerned with the birds well being. He took time and let us ask all kinds of questions, let us visit with the bird as long as we wanted to. A half hour into it we knew this was the right place, made plans to pick our little girl up the next weekend. Joe showed us how to feed her formula to finish her weaning process, which is the most wonderful experience for us, to hear her little baby noises and coos. She eats great on her own as well. She is sweet and affectionate and a little monkey too. She is settling right in with our 2 chihuahua’s, german shepherd and cat, as a matter of fact she already rules the roost! Joe answers our emails with any questions we’re had, immediately. Our baby Cockatoo has been a great addition to our family. Thank you so much Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots for the care you put into everything!”

Heather Hope Hanson


“I just received my beautiful African Grey girl yesterday and she is just amazing! Joe is so patient and responsive, always willing to answer all my questions and really cares about these great babies. Thank you so much, we just love her!!!”

Luci P.


“Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots provided me with a perfect, happy, and healthy little green cheek. These guys really know what their doing! Their birds are well adjusted, socialized, and ready to go to their forever homes and be someone’s new best friend. Thank you so much.”

Jennifer Hernden


“I bought my Congo African grey baby Cody from Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots and couldn’t be more happier. He is the most sweet, gentle, loving cuddly bird I’ve ever seen. Highly intelligent as he already learned 3 words at 6 months old. Very active, healthy, and all around happy bird. Couldn’t be more pleased with the bird and all the help and support from Joe! Thanks again Joe for this amazing bird!!”

Charlie Smith


“That day finally came!! Last Tuesday my baby CAG was finally coming to his forever home. I picked up my baby from the airport, he was shipped in a well-constructed plywood box with wire mesh screens windows, food, water and paperwork (hatch & health certificates, blood testing report, etc) and a thank you card. I recommend paying the $40 and get a DNA test, I did. I got home and opened the box and he climbed right out, stretched and stepped right up onto my finger. I’m glad I waited to see his personality before deciding on a name. I named him Romio, he’s so sweet and tame.

The whole process from initial contact with Joe until the time my baby came home. Joe answered all my questions in a timely manner, provided me with updates, photos and videos.

Romio, in no time at all has adjusted to his new home very well. He’s eating and trying new things everyday; loves kale, brussel sprouts and grapes just to name a few.

Joe, thank you!!!!”

Jennifer Von Scurlock


“Once upon a time there was a young girl who longed for a parrot to call her own. This young girl grew up, did much researched and learned it would take a lot of work before she could have this majestic creature. The bird required time, patience, love, expensive cages, food and toys…so she waited until the timing was right, when she could offer her future parrot these things and more.

Finally, in July of 2017 the timing was right. She had done her research and learned about an exemplary aviary in Austin Texas. The reviews were excellent, the parrots were healthy and the breeder had one blue and gold macaw chick left. She contacted the breeder and was received by the most personable, compassionate and passionately enthusiastic bird lover she’d ever met. The breeder was Joe and taught her how to hand feed her new baby macaw and led her step by step through the process of becoming a macaw mom.

The day she met her little feathered bundle of joy was one of the best in her life. This baby was happy, healthy, curious, loving and gentle. It was apparent there was an incredible bond between Joe and the baby bird. Right before the lady took her bird home, Joe hugged the bird goodbye and whispered, “I will miss you.”

The new macaw mom and the breeder exchanged information and pictures as the baby, now called Cozmo or (Cawzy for short) acclimated to his new home and way of life. Cozmo adjusted brilliantly and loved everyone he met. He was never frightened and was praised for his beauty and disposition by everyone, including avian vets. His care in the beginning of his life made him a joyful, inquisitive and pleasant bird.

Cozmo and his bird mom are off to a great start. She adores him, especially Cawzy cuddle time—which is in the evenings when he gets tired and lays on his back upside down in her lap with his little foot in his mouth. They spend their days together playing and learning and, of course eating, Cozmo has a voracious appetite and loves homemade fruit cups. He’s beginning to talk and at six months old can already say I love you, mom-mom, ohh la la, and nighty night.

Joe has been incredible. He raises baby birds because he loves them. This is not a profession for him, this is a calling. He’s the best in the business and does a phenomenal job! I’ve never seen birds more well-adjusted, better-dispositioned, healthier or more cared for. My hat is off to Joe and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for taking such wonderful care of my little guy. Cawzy is not my pet– he is my family.


Cozmo’s Mom

(Jennifer Von Scurlock)

Columbus, Ohio”

Tori Switzer


“My mother wanted a Green Cheek Conure, but there were no (good) breeders or shops nearby that we were particularly keen on. I came across Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots thanks to some careful online researching. I’ve adopted animals long distance before, but since I live in Pennsylvania, Texas was a bit of a stretch. I was leery of not being able to check the place out in person. So I was all over the internet, reading reviews and checking sources; I also pestered the staff with frequent calls and texts as I tried to feel the place out. Well, if I ever decide to get another bird from there, that will no longer be necessary, as I knew the moment I picked the conure up from the airport that I made the right decision.

Poncho is a happy, healthy bird with a HUGE personality. He likes music and hanging upside down from the top of his cage. I heard that it wasn’t uncommon for birds to refuse food for the first few days in a new home, but I guess those worries were for nothing as well, since he’s been eating nonstop. Remarkably I had already picked up the same brand and type of food he was sent with long before his flight.

I also liked the box he came in. It was sturdy and roomy. A couple came in at the same time to pick up a dog shipped from Missouri, and the bird’s carrier was actually bigger! From my own experience, Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots’s birds are alert and easily adaptable to new surroundings. They are well socialized and definitely worth the money. I’d recommend this place to anybody.”

Tori Savelli


“After several months of research for breeders, we found Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots. With all of the amazing reviews, we knew we were in great hands when we purchased our baby parrotlet. When we picked him up he was already socialized and so sweet. Joe was so amazing in providing us all the information we could possibly need in taking care of our baby and answering any questions we had. Our vet even knew about Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots and knew Joe was one of the best breeders around. If you are looking for a reputable breeder that not only cares for the birds, but his clients as well, then you have come to the right place! Thank you so much again to Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots for giving us our beautiful baby!”

Cees Vandiver


“Joe and the folks at Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots are amazing! Not only are their birds beautiful and expertly raised to make great companions, but the level of service really makes you feel like you’re a valued customer. They’re also one of the only breeders that posts all their available birds—and pricing!!—on their website (so my mind is a little boggled by the amount of questions they get about pricing…)

I had a lot of questions and special requests, and Joe was very friendly and accommodating about all of it. My birds were shipped to me in California in a sturdy crate, and arrived happy and healthy with all their paperwork, care instructions, and some extra food—super impressive. I highly recommend Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots!”

Carol Mclendon


“I received my new Indian ringneck about 2 weeks ago and have been extremely happy with him. I was very impressed with the shipping and quality of the crate in which Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots sent him. I am so happy that I am currently placing a deposit on a Macaw and have every conidence it will be a well raised sweetheart and looking forward to another member of the family. I highly recommend Joe and his business for anyone interested in bird companions.”

Annamarie Herrera


“We bought our male Eclectus, Mojito, from Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots when he was only 3 months old. He’s coming in on 5 months now and he’s the best pet we could have ever asked for. Joe was so helpful and reliable in the process of buying our baby and making sure we were well prepared to handle and wean him. And he still continues to be available if we have any questions. Our baby Eclectus came to us very well behaved, friendly, and easy to handle. You can tell Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots really cares about their babies. Even when we went to pick up our Eclectus, we could see how well Joe handled him and how much love he gave him. We would most definitely refer to Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots again to buy another baby! Many thanks to Joe and Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots for the special addition to our family!”

Ruby Cunniff


“We adopted a baby Goffin cockatoo. Joe made the purchase transaction very easy for us, as we lived 6 hours away. We drove down and picked her up and were amazed at how loveable our little cupcake was. We were given all information printed out on what food she was eating and the care that should be given. My vet was highly impressed as well. Anyone looking to adopt a baby bird, Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots is the one you should be looking at. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR BLESSING US WITH OUR MUCH LOVED CUPCAKE…”

Bailey Brown – Springfield, Missouri


“I purchased a green baby Indian Ringneck from Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots and am so happy with her! Joe was wonderful to communicate with and was very willing to coordinate payment and a convenient shipping date. I was nervous about having my baby shipped, but she arrived healthy and safe, and I was impressed with the care that went into her shipping container. She’s about the friendliest/most hand tame IRN baby I have ever met, and it’s obvious how much time Joe spends with his babies. Thank you Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots, I will be using you again when it’s time for us to add to our family!”

Amy O’Brien – Wernersville, PA


“Extremely pleased with my new Sun Conure, Rigby. Rigby is very social and friendly, eats very well and has eased into our daily routine. Very impressed with the shipping crate, the info sent along and the health of the baby, even the vet was impressed! When I’m ready for my next bird, there is no other aviary I will consider! Thank you!”

Mary Millward – New Iberia, Louisiana


“We had an amazing experience purchasing our new baby with Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots. They are very knowledgeable and truly care for the well being of their birds. Top notch breeder, we totally recommend them to anyone looking for a healthy, social, friendly bird.”

Henry Troche-Smith


“Got our beautiful Cherry Head Conure for Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots. Very professional and even helped us after we were home with her. She is everything to us.”

Joemar Villalon


“I love my Indian Ringneck! She is very sweet even though she’s new to me. It’s obvious she gotten a lot of human socialization when she was young. She has not accepted me as her new owner but that’s okay it will take a little while. Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots provided me a lot of information I will need in taking care of her. Looking forward to owning another bird from them!”

Christiane Duprey – Houston, TX


“We love our sun conure “Pepper”. He’s just a joy! When we picked him up he was already sweet and potty trained! Totally recommend this place and should we decide to get a buddy for Pepper this is where we’ll get the next birdie from. The drive from Houston is absolutely worth it! Xoxo”

Katie Gahagan – Pelham, NY


“We love our half-moon conure! We picked him up from the airport and were very impressed with the carrier and food he was sent with. He came to us well socialized and already loves to cuddle with us. We took him to the vet to make sure he was all good, and she was impressed by his friendly and sweet demeanor as well how not hand shy he is. She also said that he is a very healthy bird. I would use Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots again in a heart beat!”

Dana Dybdal-Hargreaves – San Antonio, TX


“We had a great experience with Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots! Our little Turquoise Green Cheek Conure came to us healthy, happy and very sweet! Joe was always available an answer our many questions, and has done an outstanding job of keeping in touch with us in the past few months since our little Bungie has been home with us. I would highly recommend Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots to anyone looking for a new little birdie friend!”

Nat Hooper


“Brought home my Turquoise Green Cheek Conure today! Joe was great through the entire process. Through his social media updates and updates through emails I couldn’t ask for anything more when purchasing my baby. The quality bird and how friendly she is amazes me. My baby barely knows me and immediately reaches out to me to step up. Very well socialized birds! If your looking for a place to purchase your bird, I highly recommend Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots!

Thank again!


Sherry Seidenberger


“I got my baby Conure from these guys! They are curtious, professional, and raised a sweet baby for us! Would definitely recommend Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots

Ashley Campbell Strong – Idaho


“Where do I start, My name Ashley and I am from a very small town in Idaho. I have had birds my whole life and have been around them since I was just a little girl. When my grandmother passed away it became nearly impossible to find the help I needed for bringing in a new feathered baby in to our home. Since she raised and knew everyone who raised birds. There are wonderful parrot store with in hours of our town but its very hard for these shops to even get hand raised babies in right now. You then are placed on waiting lists. I was so very nervous to even look on line and even more nervous to ship a baby. Then I came across Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots. I sat on it over night before calling and said a little prayer it was the route I was supposed to take. The minute I talked with Joe I felt great about it all. I had already done a lot of research about the Green Cheek Conures and how wonderful they are as a family pet. That being my biggest concern since I have small young children who LOVE birds more then I think I even do. 🙂 Anyways long story short, We received our sweet Yellowsided GCC and What an amazing easy process it was picking her up from the airport. I had never done this so I was extremely nervous but she had the nicest travel box. Filled with lots of food and fresh fruits. All her paperwork and checklists, certificates, and even extra food and feed for her. Our sweet girl is a doll. Tuki is her name and she is so dang sweet and smart. She is not afraid or skitish of loud noises (with having small kids) She is content with all of us and just wants to be apart of all of us already. Im so thankful and so happy I found Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots. My Grandmother would be proud and definitely give me the thumbs up for all Joes hard work with his babies. I really recommend Hand Raised Macaw and Parrots if you are looking for a new feathered family member. 🙂

– Ashley “


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