Curl Crested Aracari Babies for sale



Curl Crested Aracari Babies for sale

Miniature Toucans with big personalities playful and cuddly, low iron food pellets & fruits needed for this species


Curl-crested Aracari are the largest in the smaller classification of Aracaris, weighing just under 10 ounces. In the wild, they inhabit rainforests throughout South America.

To further describe its beauty, the Curl-crested Aracari has bare skin that is blue around its eyes. The feathers on his face have hardened black tips. Its belly plumage are yellowish with a single red band on its breast and elaborate pattern on its beak. Its tail is long and varies in colors of dark green, red, yellow to brown, and black. One could describe its features on and on. The female birds have smaller beaks and bodies than its male counterpart.

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